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I was born in Charleston, South Carolina on the local naval base. Within three to four months my family moved to Waycross Georgia. We lived a mile from the Okefenokee Swamp, and the head waters of the Suwanee River.

After about about seven years our family then moved to Apopka, Orange County near the Lake County border lines in Central Florida. As kids we stayed on the Wekiwa and Rock Springs rivers hunting driftwood and collecting Indian artifacts. I always loved to sit around the camps at night and working on driftwood, telling stories within our group around the camp fire. We would then take the wood home with us and admire the natural beauty.

I always enjoy, especially cedar pieces, taking the wood and drift wood, treating it and working with it to create something beautiful out of what nature had discarded. I love hearing the appreciation in someone’s voice when they see that the wood has potential and can be made into a beauty piece or artwork.

I am grateful to hear people say how much they enjoy my work, because I enjoy putting in the hours of work it requires to make something so simple into a rather extravagant and eye catching work of creativity.

Daily, I’m inspired by nature, wild animals, and the surrounding landscape of spectacular trees and rivers.

My Creative Driftwood collection is a celebration of nature, with each piece allowing it to determine it’s own look and outcome.

I’m passionate about sharing the joy of creating and the creative process through the hours of work I put into it, but honestly the end result is through a power far greater than mine, all I do is nurture it with my soul.